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BAT launches the Toilet Computer (TC)

BAT - Business Art Technology AB is yet again a step ahead in inspiring people to innovate. While the IT industry is frantically working to develop Network Computers (NC) and their possible applications, BAT has already conceptualised, specified and installed the first in a series of Toilet Computers (TC). The introduction of Toilet Computers will represent an unprecedented step forward in the development of mankind.

The fundamental needs of people have long been studied using scientific methods. Early studies showed that people need to eat, drink and converse. BAT's recent investigations show that the consumption of food and drink leads to other, deeper and more strenuous needs. Needs that are satisfied through a visit to the toilet. Our more in-depth, 'qualitative' investigations also show that a visit to the toilet is often combined with the intake of packaged mass media information. However, this is a relatively modern phenomenon from the so-called industrial society. Our historic analyses shows that previous ages had different habits. When man was a farmer, conversations at cesspits and outside toilets were relatively common. The technology of the time, in the form of inadequate screens and multi-hole toilets, facilitated the all-important conversation. Some findings also indicate that newspapers were often used for purposes other than the absorption of information. However, the most important conclusion is that the toilet conversation died out at the end of the last epoch.

During the current transition from the industrial to the something-else society, it is therefore important that we re-introduce the art of conversation during a visit to the toilet. Not just re-introduce, but also develop it! BAT believes that we should exploit the amazing opportunities that are already available. New technological advances are of course important, but we mustn't miss the woods for the trees. BAT has found that the Toshiba 110CS represents the ideal basic hardware for the first TC. The TC version comes with accessories for Internet communication.

TC i betatest The first installation is being christened on 15th May 1997. To celebrate the event, BAT is holding a little inauguration party together with the other occupants of the attic at Drottninggatan 80. Over 100 invited guests will be supplied with food, drink and, of course, a TC. Beta-testers have been used to develop a number of prototypes. With today's launch, the project will move from the beta stage to a full market test. BAT will continually refine the TC in step with the needs of users and technological advances.

The TC already offers:

If you want to converse with one or more TC users, just send an e-mail to

Richard Gatarski, research scientist and partner in BAT, says: "Through the TC, we can not only make life a little more fun, we can also make it more efficient. Way back at the start of the 1900's, my paternal grandfather, K. A. Andersson, had already installed a 3-hole toilet next to his popular country shop. In this way, he helped to encourage the local village gossip. So I believe it is my duty to follow in my grandfather's steps by humbly taking the conversation in the urban society onto a more global plane."

Anders Bley, Toshiba PC says: "The opportunities presented by small portable computers are enormous. Only our imagination can limit the applications. Few people today have access to electronic media in a simple and effective way, regardless of the time and place. But tomorrow everyone will have access."

BAT - Business Art Technology AB is aiming to be a world-leader in our field. BAT is an organisation which co-ordinates expertise within electronic media and management. The organisation's clients are knowledgeable people in far-sighted ambitious organisations that want to develop on the basis of a modern view of knowledge, human relations and electronic media. Since the beginning of 1996, BAT has been responsible for development projects linked to electronic media within companies quoted on the stock exchange and smaller organisations in Sweden and a number of other European countries. In addition to this, BAT has given over 100 inspirational presentations and is also responsible for courses in marketing and new media.

For further information: see BAT's WC homepage, or contact Richard Gatarski, For technical information on the basic version of Toshiba 110CS(without the TC accessories), see