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Delivering the Power of Customer Information

Seminar arranged by NCR Sweden,
Stockholm, November 7, 1997

Richard, Ola and John John McKean, NCR Director at the Center for Information Based Competition, opened the seminar with a fantastic presentation entitled
The information Race, Payback and its challenges.

Richard Gatarski (left) and Ola Feurst (middle) from School of Business, Stockholm University took the opportunity to ask John a few questions.

Dan and Anders Don Peppers (left), founder and president of Marketing 1:1 held an impressive and actionfilled presentation called:
One Customer at a Time.

Anders Lundkvist (right) shows his appreciation for the benefits from extensions to the marketing mindsets brought forward by Don.

Don and Ola Finally Ola Feurst (left), professor and co-founder of the Marketing Academy at Stockholm University congratulates Don.

After this we all had lunch and shared some really interesting stories with each other. What a fantastic day.. Thanks to John, Don and NCR for an excellent arrangement with a highly valuable content.

John, Richard and Don Time to leave. John (left) Richard (middle) and Don (right) goes on with a smile.