Marketing Frontiers

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Teacher, Anders Lundkvist, PhD
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Presentation of case works

About the module

The overall aim of this module is to critically explore from a theoretical perspective how Marketing is transformed by time and develop a sound understanding of past, current and future developments.

The module is designed for students who, from a managerial perspective, wish to gain a more in-depth knowledge about advances in Marketing and implications for business. It presumes knowledge of traditional management, marketing and information theories and a certain acquaintance with economic theories (such as transaction cost theory).

Besides the lectures there are some compulsory (must read) articles and recommended literature. After the lectures students are required, in groups of about four people, to do an
assignment. The lectures are divided into four sessions.

Session one: Introduction and overview
Thursday May 18th
Class: 10-12
Lunch: 12-14
Class: 14-17

  • Introduction
    - about the teacher
    - aim of the lectures
    - notion about the written assignment
  • A historical context
  • Introduction to short case study
  • Introduction to advances in Marketing Technology

Session two: Marketing Frontiers
Friday May 19th
Class: 9-13

  • State-of-the-art in Marketing (Jaffe)
  • Presentation of short case study
  • Supervision of Market Frontiers

Session three: Marketing Frontiers
Monday May 22th
Class: 9-12
Lunch: 12-14
Class: 14-17

  • Customer conversation (Gatarski & Lundkvist 1998)
  • Life after the 30 second spot
  • Supervision of Market Frontiers

Session four: Case presentation and written exam
Tuesday May 23th
Class: 10-12
Lunch: 12-14
Class: 14-17

  • Written exam 1 hour.
  • Record online conversation possible themes for 15min discussion.
    • The French view on Marketing Frontiers
    • The book Life after 30-second spot
    • Your specific case the Marketing Frontier as marketing to elderly people etc.
  • Presentation of written assignment
    • 30 minutes per case group.
    • Prepare 15 minutes presentation (max 20min) followed by 10-15min discussion.
    • Use blogg, pod or powerpoint for presentation.

Course literature

Short written exam 2006:
The word file is here.

Documentation of slides:
Introduction to Marketing Frontiers (pdf-file) 1,5Mb

Course book and article:

Jaffe, J (2005) Life After The 30-second Spot: Energize Your Brand With a Bold Mix of Alternatives to Traditional Advertising. John Wiley And Sons Ltd, New York, UK

Gatarski, R. and Lundkvist, A. (1998) Interactive Media face Artificial Consumers and marketing theory must re-think. The Journal of Marketing Communications, Vol. 4, Issue 1, pp. 45-49


Blog and Pod


Church Of The Customer

WoM Basic Training

Technology Forecast / innovation

Anderson, C. (2004) The Long Tail, Wired 12.10 (October).


Written or podcasted assignment

Please read this information carefully and follow the instructions.


The purpose with the assignment is to train the students in chosing among and applying emerging theories/models/concepts related to Marketing Frontiers.

Delivery and deadline

You have two options, either write a traditional report (in MS-Word format) or create a podcast in the form of an MP3-file. The file should be sent electronically attached to an e-mail that list the names of all members of the group. Send the file to no later than Wednesday May 24th, 08:00.Please do not consider the assignments received until you have recieved an e-mail that confirms your delivery.

The documentation should include a cover page with the name, title of your work, all the names of the students in the group, the name of your teacher and a date. The paper is maximum six (6) pages long.

The podcast is an experiment (which I recommend - use the instructions below as a guide rather than rule). Please use your common sense to create something that addresses the questions in the case, while maintaining some academic style. Most likely you need to supplement the podcast with a short written note (compare a shownote web page).


  1. Read article, book and link.
    • please note that you need to search for additional material (beyond the course literature)
  2. Choose and write the assignment, it should cover one of what you consider frontiers in Marketing.
  3. Deliver :-)

Good luck.