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Feb/22 08:00 GMT+1
left Stockholm
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on-the-fly log from my exploration tour
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Updates are: in order of appearance; starting from start; more spontaneous than reflected, edited and well designed.
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SAS Quick check in


Long lines at Arlanda.
Who cares, I used the SAS QuickCheck to check myself in less than 3 minutes.

On the way to Chicago I and Lennart from LAN International talked about their Traffic&Billing product, a part of their business that currently is being aquired by the US company Capstar.
It manages local commercials for TV, cable and radio networks. Here in San Francisco Bay cable uses it to manage 47.000 spots on 700 headends every day!
In Scandinavia Telenor, TV4 and Mix Megapol use their system. Last Friday Megapol demanned all radio stations, except the one in Stockholm. On Monday they will start to use the T&B system.
Not all is big in America,
but some are cute!
At Union Square, downtown San Francisco I met Skeezix
(the shoes belong to her master Curtis)



In the morning I took a little sightseeing tour by car.
The Golden Bridge helped me cross the bay.

At the other side as stopped in Sausolito.

This picture is from Tiberon, a lovely little town. Mostly Jaguares parked around these houses!

Then over another bridge and into Berkley.
Like going 20-40 years back in time.
When I drove back to town it was dawn.




Morning and clouds in the air.
But they soon disappeared...

Dedicated to research as I am, I took a serious look into consumer behavior.
This time I studied consumer behavior and family purchasing, as well as promotional activities.
OK folks, here is this Tour's quiz:
What is happening in the foreground of this picture?
The one who's answer is closest to the truth wins a wonderful price.
Mail your suggestion now!
Dinner at Shalimar with Michael from Emergent Design.
Here are they guys who made it.



This morning began with tea at Seek 2m, Inc..
Here is Annika, Maja and Mail. We talked about knowledge management, and I learned about their latest product - SeekOut.
After that I drove down to Netscape in Mountain View and met with Björn. We talked about portals, hosting, e-escrows, what might come out of AoL and more..

Last meeting of the day was at The Swedish office of Science and Technology. Here is Nisse who heads the Menlo Park branch.
I also had a brief discussion about electricity markets and OM with Henrik at the Swedish Trade Council.
Depending on what happens tomorrow, I´ll write more about the latter later.



This morning did not start out so good. I tried a cold call at Release System, but they did not have time for me.
Then I tried to buy a new camera at Fry´s electronic, no lock. A long story and I will never set my foot there again!

After that things improved. Drove down to Santa Cruz, beatiful, is´nt it?
This view is from the Collman College at the campus of University of Califarnia Santa Cruz. I cruised around there just to get a feeling of the campus.
Miles away from Stockholm University!
In Santa Cruz I took a walk with Carl from LECG. We talked about the re-regulation of electric utility, competition based prising, automated auctioning and more, including butterflies...
...the Monarch butterlfly especially. They live in Santa Cruz, and on warm days like today they come out. Thousands of butterflies in the trees, air and ground. Incredible experience

Finally I speeded down to Monterey, threw in my luggage at the hotel, parked the car and rushed in at TED.
Five minutes to five, I made it this year too!

The evening ended with a fantastic dinner together with BG, Jean, Susanne and Chris at the Kinkaids restaurant in Carmel.

Todays TED

Negroponte says (behind a well cut tie):
The three things that will affect us most in the next 3-4 years are (and everybody wrote this down :-)
1. Wireless
2. Rapid going D in the 3d world
3. De-retailization (bookstores, pharmacies, etc)
Myhrvold says:
Hawaii will fall into the ocean.
The sunami will come
Hollywood will float away, Redmond will sustain
Brahms re-generated, played with himself




Imac's on a row

In the morning authors, musicians, astronatus, educators, and more compelled us.

Sony Vaiio's in a circle
(the small one has a cool video camera in the lid).

Afternoon management writers, artists and more wonderful music.

Machine that hears, say "coke", and you'll get one.

Todays TED Musgrave: Reach out and touch your universe, and let it touch you.
Peters: I´m not gonna talk about the future - I talk about right now.
Metcalfe: The next Internet: Gigabit, Direct Access, Post-PC, IPv6, Pay as you go



Myself and an Iridium satellite phone

The morning was filled with high altitude, low depth, designers, architects, artists and songs.g

Afternoon in Monterey

At TED we were thrown back and forth between humanity and bachnology.



Todays TED Sony: watch out for Litle Stewart
Kids see the athletes, and want to be like them. That did not help the country to fix education and health care. Create a similar competition and image, that promotes learning.
Osterhout: Within the next year we will se TV activated toys, and soon after that a toy network.




Shining old GM's

Lunch with Mark, Jean, Susanne, me and BG





Todays TED

Mossberg says, the future is appliances, not PCs, and the many of the first attempts will fail. The e-book is the tombstone of the publising industry.
Gurley sas, it's about storytelling. has a better story than eBay. And new technology bypasses the expert in the influencer-mass loop.
Green: 46% of the internet users came online in 1998!
Finally I thank Elastic networks and Bennett (picture) who provided us with online access at the convention center.


Thank's for your visit.

Customize your MIND

Here are simply a few of the links that caught my attention during the Tour.
They might do something to your mind too. (opens in march)


itenary flights hotels

Thank you Interjet for arranging my physical movement.


Stockholm, Arlanda
Chicago IL, Chicago Ohare IL
Business Class
Chicago IL, Chicago Ohare IL
San Francisco CA
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San Francisco CA
Chicago IL, Chicago Ohare IL
Business Class
Chicago IL, Chicago Ohare IL
Stockholm, Arlanda
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Date Organization Activity Status
15 Meeting with the founders of Emergent Design. Done
16 Seek 2M Meeting with the founders of Seek 2m Done
16 Meeting with Björn at Netscape Done
16 Meeting with people at the
Swedish Office of Science and Technology.
17-21 Attend the TED9 conference Pending



From To Hotel Telephone Fax
13 16 Rex Orchard Hotel 415-433 4434 415-433 3696
16 17 Best Western Inn, Redwood 650-366 3808 650-364 9380
17 21 Best Western Monterey 408-373 5345 408-373 3246

How I do this

First of all I need a computer.
A have the wonderful opportunity to tap on a LeTosh Working snob.
The pictures are shot with a three year old Casio QV10.
The pictures and "artwork" is prepared in Macromedia Fireworks. Then I put the stuff together with Dreamweaver. I purchased both these applications via Electronic Software Delivery from Macromedias site. The point is that the actual storage, delivery and payment is managed by Release Software. That´s why I wanted to visit them.