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Tour 98 - Feb
Richard Gatarski

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Feb/26 08:30 GMT+1
left  Stockholm
left Boston
left Monterey
left San Francisco
returned to home base..

on-the-fly log from my exploration tour
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Updates are: in order of appearance; starting from start; more spontaneous than reflected, edited and well designed.
Comments and questions most welcome to:, see also last years tour: content feb97.


15th 001haga.jpg (5757 bytes) I left Stockholm early in the morning. My house was embedded in gray mist.
(But this picture actually shows another building right north of Stockholm.)

002eric.jpg (5313 bytes)

I could not find a single payphone at Arlanda airport that allowed me to plug in and upload  what I wrote on the bus.

In the bus the latest ad from Ericsson shouted at me. Made me feel lonely without my cellpohone.

Goodbye world, I´m offline!

Of course, in Chicago every phone seemed to be well equipped.
But I had no time to connect.

003tchic.jpg (9974 bytes)


Nice, at Marriott even the lamp post had a phone outlet.
I tried to get online....
004tmarriot.jpg (11168 bytes)


Crazy, CompuServe did not let me in. It turned out that someone cancelled my account two weeks ago. Took me 4 hours to fix that! csifail.jpg (14101 bytes)


16th marrview.jpg (6759 bytes) Quiz: guess which is the view from my room?
First correct answer will receive a nice price!
Sorry no winner, the answer is C.



I spent the day eating, writing and evacuating. I.e. in the evening there was a fire alarm. Last time that happened to me was in New York, and the hotel was really on fire. This time it was only a false alarm.

005fire.jpg (13007 bytes)



006mitpress.jpg (11207 bytes)

After a good nights rest I woke up, had breakfast and then books. Interesting experience to visit the store I knew from virtual space.

Visit of the day: The MIT Media Lab, hosted by Rob G.

Meet Alex.
Here he does some mind expanding
research on birthday cakes.

007alex.jpg (9699 bytes)
Gil was busy heating up a
new prototype
008gil.jpg (11963 bytes)
009bill.jpg (9568 bytes) Bill on the other hand,
had a beaver demo up and
running. Cooool!
Besides a tour around the lab I was also given the
wonderful opportunity to present myself and my research.
We had a rewarding discussion about the
future of agents as well as digital science.
Thank you labbers!



An early start, 8 o'clock flight. Managed to sleep a few hours on the airplane. Woke up just in time to see the Rocky Mountains.

The Swedish Governmental Report (available as .PDF in Swedish) about infrastructure for digital media, to which I contributed last year, was published three days ago. Now I had time to browse through it. Interesting stuff...

010rm.jpg (11046 bytes)
011waves.jpg (6118 bytes) Landed 30 minutes before schedule, how about that? Picked up my car at Avis and decided to drive down on Highway 1. Saw the famous waves roll in, incredible! Actually, part of road 25 miles north of Big Sur is gone, eaten by the ocean...

012food.jpg (13959 bytes)

And I had a wonderful lunch at Princeton Seafood in Pillar Point Harbor. Wish I could share it with you. But at the time I thought of that, the meal was gone. Sorry,

Now TED8 has almost begun, and we all cheered Wired at their 5th anniversary.


19th 013.tedgo.jpg (9724 bytes) OK. RSW now started this years TED :-) Words, can not explain, so I will not try.
014jt.jpg (10878 bytes)

Let me just note that Julie Taymor, amongst many things director of  "Lion King on Broadway", was one of the very highlights of today's speakers!

now I need a good nights sleep...



019sky.jpg (6037 bytes)

A beautiful day, sunny and calm.
015stark1.jpg (14429 bytes) Sometimes we see fantastic new products at TED, and here is one! Stärk design showed us a beta of beautiful software that will help students play, learn and understand materia...
016stark2.jpg (9954 bytes) I am with Greg, one of the guys behind it.
We also saw great hardware. In this case lightweight aircraft, about 6 ounces. It had camera, GPS receiver and remote control. The plane flew over us and we saw ourselves through the eyes of its camera.
017plane.jpg (9975 bytes)
Lunchtime, and I took a drive. 018car.jpg (15909 bytes)


21th 020rsw.jpg (8618 bytes) Last day, and Richard prepares...
And after lunch Jim Fowler came and reminded us about the real life.

In this case birds...

023bird.jpg (10318 bytes)
...bears... 021bear.jpg (13568 bytes)
...and leopards 022leop.jpg (13245 bytes)
024billy.jpg (8657 bytes) The last speaker, no more, no less than:
Billy Graham.


22nd Post TED
I went with BG to Carmel and had brunch at Café Americano.
025cafe.jpg (13397 bytes)

Now I am in San Francisco, staying at the great hotel Rex.


23d 026kana.jpg (9487 bytes) I had a very interesting meeting with Mark at Kana. Here is Mark´s hand, laying out the solution to the problems most companies have not even seen yet.
Then I had an equally rewarding meeting with Ing-marie, although around other subjects. Such as multimodal interfaces, the educational system in the US and submissive computer users. 027im.jpg (11053 bytes)
And, shame on myself. I forgot to take a picture of beautiful Maja at Seek.


24th 028lk.jpg (6701 bytes) In the morning I met Lorin, here holding the latest issue of Contentwatch. We went outside to eat and talk since they had a power shortage...
After that I drew down to the beach.
I felt the sun, heard the waves and saw the sand.
029beach.jpg (8475 bytes)
029hiring.jpg (10819 bytes) My last picture from San Francisco shows a typical sign.
I wish we had more of those back home...


25th 030fire.jpg (4691 bytes) When I drove to the airport a car was on fire at 101. Ironically this was on a day without rain.
031sfo.jpg (6328 bytes) Last view of San Francisco.
See you next year.
On my way back I had time to test the e-friendliness at O´Hare airport in Chicago. Found only two available power outlets, both far away from seats. Here I am on the floor. Then it turned out that at least I could not use the modem jacks on the payphones. Sorry Chicago, but you are worse than Arlanda... 032ord.jpg (8353 bytes)


26th 033arn.jpg (10494 bytes) <end of trip>

Thank you for being with me,



Date Organization Activity Status
17 AmEC Present my research on agents for people at the
agent-mediated electronic commerce
research project, MIT Media Lab
18-21 TED8 Attend the TED8 conference Done
22 Seek 2M Meeting with the founders of Seek 2M Done
23 csli.gif (1733 bytes) Meeting with a researcher at the Stanford
Center for the Study of Language and Information.
23 kana.gif (916 bytes) Meeting with the founder of Kana. Done
24 C O N T E N T | G R O U P Meeting with the editor of Contentwatch. Done

itenary flights · hotels

Thank you Interjet for arranging my physical movement.


Date Flight From-To Dep. Arr. Duration
15 AA 81 ARN-ORD 10.35 13.15 9:40
15 AA 226 ORD-BOS 14.30 17.45 2:15
18 AA 195 BOS-SFO 08.00 11.40 6:40
25 AA 84 SFO-ORD 08.46 14.55 4:09
25 AA 80 ORD-ARN 17.00 08.30 (26) 8:30


From To Hotel Telephone Fax
15 18 Marriott Cambridge 617-494 6600 617-494 0036
18 22 Best Western Monterey 408-373 5345 408-373 3246
22 25 Rex Orchard Hotel 415-433 4434 415-433 3696