Travel report from Richard Gatarski´s and Anders Lundkvist´s research tour
La Londe, France - 97
Final update by Richard Gatarski, 1997-06-08 at 23:59 local time

Monday 2, Tuesday 3, Wednesday 4, Thursday 5, Friday 6, Saturday 7, Sunday 8

Welcome to on-the-fly updates from our research tour. We went to La Londe to present a paper entitled "Interactive Media face Artificial Consumers, marketing theory must re-think" at the scientific conference "Marketing Communication and Consumer Behavior".

Updates are in order of appearance, starting from start. All times are local. The updates are more spontaneous than reflected, edited and well designed. Any comments or questions? Please mail us at:

Monday 2

We left Arlanda at 8.40 in the morning.
In Copenhagen the connecting flight to Nice was delayed. Efficient as usual, I booted my Toshiba to work. Anders grinned and shot this picture!


In Nice, Stig Lindberg from SoftBus met us.
Stig works in both Sweden and France with multimedia production.


Stig had arranged a meeting with Jean-Pierre Meyer.
He is responsible for marketing at the International Center for Advanced Communication, C.I.C.A. in Sophia Antipolis. We exchanged information about new technology and business.


Stig mentioned that the local Swedbank office actually is an IT-center. In addition to the financial services, they offer a video conference room, computer networks and satellite access to stock market info.


This is Karin Patzold-Berner, editor of "Rivieranytt", a must-have magazine for all Scandinavians interested in the Riviera.

Rivieranytt is not on the Net - yet, but can be reached at:
Phone +33 04 92 28 04 25, Fax: +33 04 92 28 05 25


Karin and her husband Anders Berner, kindly invited us to a cocktail at their beautiful house, which is situated at the hills of Valbonne.

This is the view from their porch. On the top of the mountain is the restaurant where we ended our day with an excellent dinner.

Tuesday 3

We stayed at the Grand Hotel Mercure in Sophia Antipolis. Nice place, this is the view from our room. This morning we had breakfast at the poolside. Nice!

We spent the morning preparing the presentation. Around 13.30 Stig picked us up and we drove down towards La Londe.


A few minutes before 16.00 we arrived at Agelonde, a combination of conference facilities and a resort for employees at France Telecom. Here Fenella Kirman, the conference administrator, greeted us.


The is the Astrolabe, the place at Agelonde where the sessions and the eating take place. In other words food for body and soul.

Anders and I spent the night getting the hardware together. I.e. installing telephone lines, hooking up the projector, finding power adapters, adjusting lights etc. Finally it all worked and we could type in the last adjustments on the presentation. We hit the beds at 1 in the morning.

Wednesday 4

Our presentation was scheduled at 10.30, it went rather smoothly. We got lots of valuable comments and the over 20 attendees seemed interested and happy.

Afterwards we relaxed and enjoyed lunch. See how happy Anders is.

Thursday 5

Woke up around 7 and heard rain. Rain is OK if you are at a conference, but not so funny otherwise. Decided to have a shower, even though I knew I would get one on the walk up to the Astrolabe.

Here are W. Fred van Raaij (chair) and Alain Strazzieri (coordinator) at the conference.


One important event for this conference is the special issue of JBR which will contain up to six papers from this years conference. Michelle Laroche, associate editor, represented JBR.


At breakfast I joined three beautiful french women and listened to their conversation in French


This is how it looks like at the presentation. Here is Juhani Kuokkanen in session room 1 talking about word-of-mouth and consumer dis/satisfaction.

The last thing I did that night was to mail Tony at Interjet and asked if he could find us an hotel in Nice.

Friday 6

Here is a view from the café at Agelonde. Looks nice doesn´t it. But as usual the picture lies. It wasn´t nice, it was raining!


Anders did some on-the-spot research. He actually studied a french online service called lé Minitel. Because you could not use a mouse, and the system was not based on a GUI, Anders needed help. In this case from the receptionist at Agelonde. Everything went well and Anders managed to milk a train timetable out of the Minitel, Viola!


So, after the conference we took the train to Nice. During the trip Anders enjoyed a Real-Life conversation with Hannele and Scott.


Saturday 7

Tony at Interjet did an excellent job, he fixed us the best room at the hotel Vendome, for 550 FFR per night. It is on the top floor, with a large balcony and a nice view over the mountains. You can see the roof of our room at the very top, above the uppermost balcony.


After check-in we went to the beach. I took a swim and Anders decided to skip that. We tried to discuss our experiences at the conferences. But we were constantly interrupted by the sound of the waves coming in, so we gave up. The only thing we could do was to relax and keep our eyes open.


We also learned that Nice was hosting part of the World Championship in Thriatlon. But since we did not know about that before, we were not prepared to compete.

In the night we went to Cours Saleya and had dinner, 90 FFR tourist junk food. But we ran into two Swedes that we met in Sophia Antipolis. They are here to build floors at the World Trade Center near C.I.C.A. We had a late night discussion about floors. We hardly noticed the people around us, it was so fascinating.

Sunday 8

We went to the beach around 9.00 for a quick tan. After that we checked out and spent a few hours working in the hotel lobby.

The taxi to the airport drove beside the thriatlon runners.


Then it was time to leave, Anders waves goodbye...
...the plane taxied to the runway...
...and we took off.

As always, all stories have an end.

You might think this is the pilots that flew us to Sweden. But oh no. These guys flew Richard to Kalmar. Where he tomorrow will do a presentation for over 50 information managers at the Nordic Universities. But that is another story (in Swedish).