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Snail mail: Ellen Keys Gata 91, SE-129 53, Hägersten, Sweden

This web site is more or less a museum of past activities.
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2006-11-23 Watch a video with Richard Gatarski as he speaks (in Swedish) at the Teracom Future day (go to their video page and select Richard´s presentation under the "Index" menu).
2006-10-18 BAT releases the report (in Swedish) Skall annonsörer frukta sociala medier?, based on a recent study on Google rankings for Wikipedia articles about the 60 largest Swedish advertisers (in 2004). An English summary will follow.
2006-01-17 Svenska Dagbladet (leading Swedish daily newspaper) and Näringsliv 24 (leading business news Web site) publish an article about podcasting (in Swedish). Richard Gatarski is featured and interviewed as one of the few Swedish podcast producers (e.g. QritiQ) and consultants (soon to be announced).
2005-09-27 BAT releases QritiQ, a podcast in Swedish about the past, present, and future of marketing. Under the tag line "hearing points about the beautiful art of marketing" four PhD's (Richard Gatarski, Anders Lundkvist, Ola Feurst and Stig. G. Johansson) will regularly publish recordings from their conversations. The premiere eposide consists of 40 minutes of thoughts about a hot book in marketing management, Seth Godin's "All Marketers are Liars".
2005-09-01 Richard Gatarski is proud to be one of the chosen clients of Reality Club -The Scandinavian Speakers Agency. The persons they represent - their clients - work exclusively with Reality Club.
2005-04-20 BAT has produced and launched Skolsmart, Sweden's first podcast about marketing. For more information see the press release (in Swedish)..
2005-01-07 A1000blog which reports around Richard Gatarski's 3G experiences started a few weeks ago and is today officially released.
2004-09-18 Richard Gatarski is interviewed in an article about the expanding blogosphere and its implications for media published by Corren, a major Swedish newspaper.
2004-09-08 The article "Customer involvement in new service development: a conversational approach" by Anders Lundkvist and Ali Yakhlef  explores new foundations for even better businesses. You find the article in the latest issue of Managing Service Quality (by Emerald).
2002-03-08 BAT goes east in April, to Lingnan College University and Zhongshan University i Guangzhou (Kanton). Ola Feurst is invited as visiting professor and advisor in marketing at the China Excecutive MBA programs, with emphasis on networks, relationships, communication and service marketing.
2001-11-09 Richard Gatarski defended his Ph.D. dissertation entitled "Artificial Market Actors: explorations of automated business interactions"
2001-08-01 John Chambers, President and CEO of Cisco Systems, Inc., presents Richard Gatarski as this months expert in Cisco´s iQ Thought Leadership Newsletter.
2001-07-05 Vis á Vis, Stroede's customer magazine, has published an interview with Richard Gatarski and his research, focusing Artificial Market Actors (artificials).
2001-01-17 Forsking och Framsteg (Research and Progress) publishes "Datorer köper sig lyckliga" (computers buying themselves happiness) written by BAT partner Richard Gatarski.
2000-10-26 B. Joseph Pine II transforms us. See for yourself.
2000-10-16 One-to-One Marketing (info / buy) written by BAT partner Ola Feurst has been awarded Marketing Book of the Year 2000 by the Swedish Marketing Federation.
2000-09-12 Richard Gatarski invited as strategic advisor and member of the jury for Web Service Award 2000. This consumer driven competition is arranged by TEMO, IT Management and Telia.
2000-07-08 Richard Gatarski presents his research about (electronic) packaging and E-commerce at the academic conference Recent Advances in Retailing and Services Science in Sintra, Portugal.
2000-01-12 SIME 2000 has invited Anders Lundkvist to join the Advisory Board in the preparations of the coming event.
1999-11-08 Veckans Affärer (weekly financial magazine) lists people with power in The New Economy and includes Richard Gatarski as one of the of the very early "evangelists".
1999-11-01 One-to-One Marketing, a new book written by our new partner Ola Feurst is released.
1999-10-18 The Interactive Company: The customer as its main resource (Det interaktiva företaget) written by Solveig Wikström, BAT partner Anders Lundkvist and Åke Beckérus has been awarded Marketing Book of the Year 1999 by the Swedish Marketing Federation.
1999-10-18 The article Interactive Media face Artificial Consumers by Richard Gatarski and Anders Lundkvist is now published as a book chapter in Marketing Communications Classics with Fitzgerald and Arnott as editors.
1999-09-30 Anders Lundkvist made a keynote presentation at the launch of the first interactive commercial for Digital TV from a studio in Linköping.
See his documentation for more info.
1999-09-27 Richard asks the US government if they have any plans to manage an eventual sitatuation when the IT stock market collapses.
1999-07-15 Richard speaks out in Swedish Radio talk show about IT and the future. The program also featured Jonas Birgersson and Peo Gomes. Listen to the program (in Swedish) at
1999-06-24 The weekly magazine Ny Teknik publishes "IT-industrin på väg mot en katastrof" (The IT industry is heading towards a disaster) written by Richard Gatarski. For more information, please visit his research page: the Business model problem.
1999-05-01 Richard, struggling with his PhD thesis as a scientific writer, is referred to as one of the good speakers in the new and highly recommended book Börja Tala (Start Talking) by Charlotte Säfström published by Ordfront.
1999-02-25 Richard tries harder as he was not the first, but second in the world to rent a Citikey.
1999-02-22 Richard returned from Silicon Valley. See what he did or register for future e-mail updates.
1999-02-05 Richard Gatarski invited as a jury member for the IBM e-business Challenge together with Jan Carlzon (Cell), Lars Stahre (Dagens Industri) and Torbjörn Johansson (IBM). The winner will be presented February 24th.
1998-11-26 Lap top computers with style! Richard Gatarski was delighted to be present when the Le Tosh family was introduced to the world. Check out pictures and comments from the event.
1998-09-30 School of Business held its annual celebration in Aula Magna, Stockholm University. Agneta Stark, Evert Gummesson, Lars Berg, Ulf Dinkenspiel, Ola Feurst were some of the speakers. In the closing session Lars Svensson, Auto-By-Tel AB, Professor Bo Hedberg and PhD student Anders Lundkvist discussed the future of the automobile market.
1998-09-25 Professor Philip Kotler, honorary doctor at Stockholm university, visited School of Business. He delivered a short presentation and discussed marketing issues with a panel that included Richard Gatarski. Feel free to look at some notes and pictures from the event.
1998-09-04 The Interactive Company: The customer as its main resource (Det interaktiva företaget) written by Solveig Wikström, BAT partner Anders Lundkvist and Åke Beckérus is published by Svenska Förlaget. The book has been chosen by Executive Book Club as the book of September.
1998-08-26 Richard Gatarski speaks to a China Business Delegation, lead by Mr. Liu Boan deputy director at the State Economic and Trade Commission, PRC. In Sweden they where hosted by Ms Christina Chuck, general manager at Wilkris & Co. AB.
1998-07-01 BAT relocates to Lästmakargatan 3.
1998-06-22 Anders Lundkvist presents the virtual poster and the research program Imaginary Organizations at the conference "Beyond Convergence", ITS 98.
1998-05-21 Richard Gatarski presents the paper Marketing Research in the Digital Domain, a cry from a pilgrim in the late 20th century, at the 27th European Marketing Academy Conference EMAC´98.
1998-05-08 Richard attends Agents ´98, follow his daliy log
1998-02-25 Richard´s February (MIT Media Lab, TED8, ContentGroup, Seek 2M and more) exploration tour ends. See his daily log!
1997-12-11 Dr. Pehong Chen, founder of BroadVision Inc. invited by Cepro and Dimension meets with Richard Gatarski and Anders Lundkvist. Look at a few notes.
1997-11-07 Don Peppers, leading management consultant and founder of Marketing 1:1, visits Sweden for the first time. Don was invited by NCR Sweden who arranged the seminar "Delivering the Power of Customer Information". Take a look at Dons meeting with John McKean from NCR, Anders Lundkvist and Richard Gatarski.
1997-11-06 Anders Lundkvist presents a vision on Communities and IT - "Images from the Invisible Room" - to the delegates of Stockholm County Council / Stockholms Landstingsfullmäktige.
1997-10-24 Richard Gatarski presents problems, challenges and opportuinities for content producers (ENglish/Swedish) at the Swedish IT commission (advisory body to the Swedich government) hearing about an infra structure for digital media (SOU 1997:124).
1997-09-18 Stig Larsson, SJ; Ulf Bergmark, DAV; Richard Gatarski; Hans Kalderén AB, Ulf Lundahl, ÖEB; Håkan Ramsin, Bonniers Affärsinfo; Björn Svedberg, SEB; Gabriel Tuhlin, MA and Hans Wirfelt constituted the jury when Datavärlden together with Industriförbundet granted OM Gruppen AB the award "Årets IT-företag" (IT company of the year). Partnertech was chosen as company runner up and Jesper Kouthoofd at ACNE became creative artist of the year.
1997-06-02 Richard Gatarski and Anders Lundkvist went to a scientific conference at La Londe in France. See what they did.
1997-05-15 BAT lanserar TCn, Toilet Computer, för den globala marknaden. För vidare information se NetMeddelande på
1997-05-12 Robert H Guttman from MIT Media Laboratory and Richard Gatarski presents their views on agent technology for Bonnier Media Lab and School of Business.
1997-04-10 The Norwegian Prime Minister Thorbjørn Jagland, Kjell A. Nordström from Stockholm School of Economics and Richard Gatarski are opening speakers at "Industrial Challenge Beyond 2000" in Kongsberg, Norway.
1997-04-04 Trygghetsrådet har idag presskonferens för Kunskapsguiden,, en ny tjänst som kompletterar Arbetslivstorget på Internet. Anders Lundkvist, BAT, har tillsammans med Lennart Arvedson, Cepro, ansvarat för utveckling och projektledning. Robot har ansvarat för teknisk utveckling och formgivning.
1997-03-11 Richard Gatarski och Anders Lundkvist får acceptans på ett vetenskapligt paper till konferensen "Marketing Communication and Consumer Behavior", arrangerad av IAD, La Londe i Frankrike.
1997-02-03 Richard Gatarski startar sin upptäcktsskapande resa till USA. Följ live via cont-feb97
1997-01-30 Richard Gatarski får acceptans för sin vetenskapliga eler (electronic paper) till konferensen "context in designs - design in context), arrangerad av ead.
1996-12-30 Richard Gatarski citeras flitigt i Svenska Dagbladet, Näringsliv. I helsidesartikeln, som handlar om Internets framtid, intervjuas också Bo Hedberg (Richards och Anders handledare) samt Solveig Wikström, båda professorer vid School of Business.
Svenska Dagbladet, a swedish newspaper, refers to Richard Gatarski and my professor Bo Hedberg in a full page article about the future of Internet. Some of the subjects covered are my thoughts about Internets existence, the concept of artificial agents and electronic technology developments.
1996-10-24 Producers of Interactive Media in Sweden (PROMISE) nominates Richard Gatarski for Stockholm IT World Multimedia Award.
1996-07-30 Dagens Industri lists Richard Gatarski as number seven of the most wanted speakers in Sweden. Se ett klipp för mer info.
1996-06-10 Företagsekonomiska Institutionen vid Stockholms universitet finns nu på nätet. School of Business is now on the net (but only in swedish).
1996-05-08 Richard Gatarski interviewed in Ericsson's IT magazine Access.
1996-05-07 The Virtual World of Imaginary Organizations.
1996-04-06 Ludvig Rasmusson publicerar krönikan Mannens bäste vän är bilen i Dagens Nyheter
1996-04-03 Vetenskapligt seminarium hos Marknadsakademin
på Stockholms universitet.
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